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United Hemophilia Foundation

The United Hemophilia Foundation (UHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable
organization established to provide education, awareness, advocacy and
support for people with hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders in order
to enhance their health, wellness and overall quality of life.



United Hemophilia Foundation hosts a variety of educational programs and events throughout the year. These programs are meant to equip the bleeding disorders community with information that will empower them and enhance their health, wellness and overall quality of life. Dates and times will be announced as programs are scheduled.


United Hemophilia Foundation is proud to be a member organization of the Hemophilia Federation of America. Among the many programs offered, UHF, in partnership with the Hemophilia Federation of America, will also offer education modules in programs for Families, Dads in Action, Moms in Action, Kids in Action, Blood Brotherhood and Blood Sisterhood.

Our Industry Partners

What We Do

Education & Awareness

We conduct programs to educate about bleeding disorders through workshops, online resources, and seminars.

Support Services

We offer counseling, healthcare access, and support groups for individuals and families dealing with bleeding disorders.


We advocate for improved treatment access, research funding, and legislation to protect the rights of those with bleeding disorders.

Community Building

We foster a supportive community through social events, networking opportunities, and connecting individuals with similar experiences.





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