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Meet United Hemophilia Foundation

Meet United Hemophilia Foundation


Our Founders

Harvey and Dr. Carletha Gates, long time advocates in the bleeding disorders community, founded the United Hemophilia Foundation in 2016. They had long desired to reach out and bridge the gap to connect underserved areas of the bleeding disorders community across the state of Georgia and create a sense of unity.


The mother of two sons with severe hemophilia, Dr. Gates was born and raised in Albany, GA.  Her father had severe hemophilia, and she and her daughters have a mild diagnosis. She was inspired to establish the foundation as a tribute in memory of her deceased parents and nephew, each who were affected by hemophilia-related complications.


The foundation will serve as a haven for education, resources and support for those faced with the challenges of living with a bleeding disorder.


Board Leadership

Executive Director

Carletha Gates
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